Saturday, 26 April 2014

Know your friend’s location through Facebook


Its look like amazing or different that how technology has changed our life totally and every day new technology has been developed by each and every country and make our life very comfortable and luxurious. Recently the North American company has developed a new app through which you can check your friend’s location with the help of social site like Facebook. While this features is already available in two more social sites. So now you can know where your friend’s is spending their holidays and also check there current location but you can’t know the exact location but nearby location of that place where your friend is presently living.

How it work

Facebook is one of the mostly used social sites across the world through which you can connect with your friends and chat with them with the help of internet or Wi-Fi. Recently they have launched new features named it as ‘Nearby Friends’ through which you can check the location of your friends of your friends who are using Facebook. This new feature will work with the help of GPS means it will work with those smartphone those supported GPS technology. So most of the peoples are thinking that now their friends can check their exact location and also start detect them so they do not feel safe. But don’t worry through this feature your friend will only know the distance and not the name of the location.

Recently this feature is available only in the America but very soon in the coming few months this features will be available in the other countries and you can access this feature and know friend’s location on Facebook.


Default this Nearby Friends features is OFF, so when you want to activate this features than you have to activate it or turn ON.
You can know the location of your friends through the Facebook but you can only know the distance of friends and not the exact location.
You can also share your location with your friends with the help of this feature.
Facebook has also provides some restriction while using this features means user under 18 can’t access this features.
When this feature is OFF then no one can know your location so you don’t have to worry about this feature son when every you want that your friends can check your location than you can turn ON it and when you want that no one know your location than you can turn OFF it.


Recently this feature is available in the America but very soon it will be available in the other countries. So we can say it is a good feature that is launched by the Facebook through which we can know the Facebook friend’s location.



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