Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Latest Airtel Night Store Offers and Activation details


Airtel has launched a new night pack for all Indian customers/circles. With the first look, this night pack seems to be the king of all other such packs/offers from various companies. The best thing I love about this offer is wide coverage (both in terms of circles as well as products). Airtel has targeted almost all their products with this single pack/offer. It will make impact on simple calling, net accessing/surfing and socialization. In a nutshell Airtel has played a smart game by coming up with such value full package/offer that is supposed to benefit most of Airtel users who are active at night. Now let we directly move to our main topic that what are the main facts/schemes of this night pack.

Airtel Night Pack Offers

First of all let we discuss about validity. This night pack will be active from sharp midnight (i.e. 12:00 AM) to 6:00 AM morning. So it will have total of 6 active hours. Talking about other night offers (from other companies) then they are usually active for 7 active hours. It might prove to be a drawback here. This pack offers free A2A calling, unlimited social networking and limited 2G, 3G data connections. Please note that these packs will not be applied on numbers that are already active with some other limited internet data plan (both 2G and 3G). So in order to enjoy all the features, I will prefer you to go for a fresh Airtel number (if you don’t want any disturbance with your main/primary mobile number).

All the schemes/offers are listed below:

• Free A2A voice calling at Rs. 7 (limited to local circles only)
• Unlimited internet data for 6 hours for Rs. 8 only (a big plus for internet users as speed will be good during nights)
• 500 MB 3G data for Rs. 29
• 1 GB 3G data for Rs. 49
• Unlimited Facebook but speed will reduce to 40 kbps after 250 MB usage. If you a mobile user then you don’t need to worry as it will take days to use 250 MB on Facebook only
• Local A2A + 2 G unlimited data combo pack for Rs. 9 or Rs. 15. It will depend on circle basically

How to activate Airtel Night Store/Pack

Airtel is promoting their Night Store on TV these days. If you are a regular TV user then you might be aware of the fact about how to activate it. But let me brief the procedure here. This store is applicable for Prepaid users only and you can activate/check it by dialing *129# or by calling 129. You will find further information there.



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