Thursday, 3 April 2014

How to migrate your old Gmail to New Gmail address


Most of the times you have crated your email with angel, love or other name and when you enter in the college or some professional institutes then you have to create a new Gmail with your name. But you are thinking that my old email will be wasted or we cannot check email from the older Gmail. Then this article will definitely help you to know how we can migrate all of your old Gmail to the new Gmail. It is very simple; you have to simply change some setting in the Gmail in both older and new Gmail.

Basic Guidelines

The very first step is that you have to login with old account, once you have opened your Gmail then go to the setting icon. Now click on the Forwarding option and select POP/IMAP option from there.

Now from the POP/IMAP sections you have to click on the download option and choose enable POP for all the mail. After that save all these changes which you have just done made.

When you will follow the first two steps and after that you will again open the POP/IMAP section in the setting then you’ll see new option in the POP under download section ‘to enable POP for all mail. If you click on it all your mail will be migrates to the new Gmail address. Once you have click on the box then also save these changes.

In the above steps you have migrates all of old mail to the new account address but now you have to import or receive these mail new Gmail, so log out your old account and at the same time login in to your new Gmail account which you want to use next time.

Once you have opened it, click on the setting icon and click on the account option. In the accounts section click on the Get Mail from other accounts section and click on add another mail account.

Now you have to wait for few seconds and it will be done and you have to enter your older mail address and your all mail be migrates to the new Gmail address.

It will download all your older mail and when the downloading process will be completed then from the older account you can also disable the POP.

So hope you have successfully migrates your older mail to the new Gmail address and in case you found any problems regarding it then you can also comment in the article.



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