Saturday, 19 April 2014

Top 3 Android Apps to recharge mobile, DTH and pay electricity bills


Everything is getting online today. With the evolution of high end mobile OS systems like Android, Widows, iOS etc now everything is getting mobilized. These OS has given the freedom of embedding online services in form of easy to use applications. If you visit and check stores of respective mobile OS then you will find millions of different applications there. Applications are categorized on various bases. There are some useful apps which frees us from daily routine. I am talking about online recharge apps that can help us with our mobile recharges, DTH recharge or even electricity bill payment. Yes you heard it right, now we can do all these things directly from our smartphone.

Here I am going to mention 3 Android applications that I have used personally for online recharge and electricity bill payment. It is not a kind of sponsored post or something like, here I am sharing my own views and experience with all these 3 apps. I know you might be having some questions like when we can recharge our mobile, DTH etc from online websites then why do we need such mobile apps. I can state two reasons in support of this query. First thing is about user friendly environment. Do use any of these apps and you will yourself find the difference between online websites and mobile apps. Second thing is about commission system. When you recharge from online websites then you have to pay some extra amount (be it Rs. 1 or Rs. 2) while making the transactions. These apps frees you from that extra pay out also. All these apps are safe and I am using them for months now.

Top 5 Android Apps for mobile, DTH recharge

1. Free Charge

It is the app I am using the most. The best thing I love about Free Charge is there unique offers and schemes. Just visit their Facebook page and find some suitable offer. At present they are offering 50% cashback on all recharges. This offer is valid for 21 April 2014. They need to do some improvements when it comes to reflecting latest vouchers from telecom companies.


Paytm is a popular name and is serving people from years now. They are the one who initiated this league and they are actively participating in all the events means they are not out dated today also. They have some unique offers which let you enjoy online bargaining system.

3. Easy Mobile Recharge

I have mostly used their laptop services. Best thing I love about them is their accurate voucher information. There might be some issues while making transaction through their portal but please be rest assured that your money is not lost anywhere. It is there in clouds and will come back to your account at the earliest.

Please do let us know if you have tested some other Android App for online recharges or paying your electricity bills.



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