Sunday, 6 April 2014

Play games on android smartphone wirelessly with Samsung Game Pad


For the gamer lover it is good news that Samsung has recently launched the Game Pad through which you can play games wirelessly on android smartphone and tablets. You can connect it with the help of Bluetooth and is supported with all Bluetooth enabled smartphones. It is very simple to connect and user friendly interface. You can connect this game pad with smartphones, tablets, monitor, LCD and other large screen for enjoying the gaming experience on the bigger screen.


This game pad is easy to use for both the trained as well as untrained gamers. You can simply connect this game pad with your android devices as well as bigger screen monitor through the help of Bluetooth by using the features NCF (Near Field Connection) features. So you can’t connect this game pad with all your android smartphone and tablets, first of all you have to check the compatibility of the device.

You can easily play games with this game pad on the device, once you have connected your device with the game pad then you can access the games by pressing the Play button on the game pad. You can play different racing, puzzle and other wrestling games etc. with this game pad on your android device. You can enjoy games with smooth interface as well as easy to operate.

This game pad comes with different button including the play button for starting the games once you connected your game pad successfully with your device. It comes with Triggers buttons, 4 action buttons, D Pad and game button.

You can start the game by pressing Play button on the game pad and also you can switch between the multiple games from the game pad and start different games and also pause and stop the games. So it comes with multiple options which make it easy to use.

This game pad is connected with the device through the wirelessly with the help of Bluetooth and the device which is compatible with Bluetooth version 3.0 and above can be directly connected with this gamepad. And also it is easily mounted with device screen size ranges from 4 inches to above.


So you can play your games wirelessly with the help of Samsung Game pad through the Bluetooth on the android smartphones tablets, and large screen monitor as well as TV which is compatible with it. So if you are thinking to purchase new wireless gamepad then you can buy this from the online store or from the nearby dealer.



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