Friday, 11 April 2014

Top 5 best music player apps for android smartphone/tablets


Nowadays most of the peoples have android smartphone because of two reasons like it offer large number of application which you can easily download and install from the player store and it comes in large size with stylish look in the low price as compared to other handset. So if you have android smartphone and want to listen music in high quality without doing anything, simple you have to install these apps in your android device and you can listen music in high quality with special effects. You can easily these music apps from the player store and you can either install the free version or paid version of the apps.

Spotify Music Player

It is one of the best apps for the android smartphone through which you can play music and also changes the different mode like you can play music in Pop, Bass, Extra Bass, Classic and other mode which you can choose and select through which you want to play music. You can also create your playlist on the basis of your rating and also create your personnel lists.

You can install free version of this app but when you install free version then you miss some of the features of this app so if you want to enjoy complete features this app then you have to install paid version. You can easily get this app on your android play store and download from their and install on your android device.

Rocket Player

It is also another music player which several features like you can set the equalizer and cross fade between the songs etc. this app is launched by the JRT LLC in 2012. You can also edit your picture to songs. You can also changes setting like when you plug out the earphone then music will be stop and again when you plug in the earphone in to the slot then music will play where you have left previously. When you installed the free version then you do not use lots of features of this app.

Fusion Player

Fusion is also one of the best android music players with almost same features as compared to the rocket player but it does not supports most of the features which Rocket player supports. But in this player you can cut the particular song to create a ringtone or SMS tone. So when you install this app then it will do multiple functioning as music player and audio cutter tool.

Music Player

It is the pre-installed player when you buy any android smartphone with features like you can play recent added music, most played songs and also create your personal playlist but the main drawbacks is that it does not support equalizers.

Google Music Player

It is also one of the best music player apps with advance graphics and user friendly interface. You can play music according to your choice and also you can pay music from the internet if you have connected your android smartphone to the Wi-Fi or internet.
So these are some of the best music player apps which you can install in your android devices and enjoy music in high quality as compared to simple music player.



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