Thursday, 3 April 2014

Top 5 games to play on your android smartphone in 2014


If you are getting bored with playing old games on your smartphones then you can download and install some of the top games in your android smartphones which you never play before this in your android smartphones. These games are launched in this year with high quality of resolution and graphics. You can download these games from the play store either free version or premium version of the game.

Chess Master 2014

This games is launched in this year, it comes with some extra features and high resolution, graphics as compared to the previous app. The main features of this game are that, you can play this game in multiplayer online with the help of Facebook or Gmail account. You can also play different tournament with single or two players. If you don’t know this game then in the practice mode you can learn it with demo mode. In this you can also shop different rings, chess board and chess man. You can choose different color chess board, there are about total six color chess board and 8 different styles of the chess man are available which you can buy. This game is available in the different languages.

Brain Age Test

‘Brain Age Test’ is one of the puzzle game through which you can check the level of your mind and sharpness of memory. This is very simple game not too much tough. In this game you have to play different tests in which firstly some numbers will be display on the screen for about 2 to 3, after that these numbers will color with Red and you have to tap these boxes in ascending order. Initially when you play then you will be getting bored after few times you will definitely like this game. You can easily download this app from the play store.

Snooker 2014

If you love to play snooker, pool or billiards then you will definitely enjoy this app. You can play this game on your smartphone with your friends. So instead of wasting your time in snooker in you can enjoy this game on your smartphones. You can play this game in single or multiplayers and also choose different tables. You can play pool, snooker or billiards. This app is about 45MB which you can download from the play store.

Traffic Racer

It is one of my favorite racing cars with high resolution and graphics. This app is only 2MB in size and the graphics which you’ll see in this app, you can’t imagine. There are so many cars and trucks are available in this game which you can unlock by buying them. There are about four different tasks such as you can run on the single way, play car on the two ways, time trial and free ride. You will get coins and points in each and every game except in free ride. In the first two rounds you have no time limit. It comes with power break and tilts or touch steering option.

Teen Patti

It is also one of the popular games for the android smartphones, but you can play this game only when you have internet connection. If you know about how to play card then you can easily understand this game otherwise firstly you have to learn how to play card or this game. You can also play this game online with your Facebook friends. In the starting you’ll get RS 10K and play with your friends Teen Patti.


So these are the some of the best racing, puzzle, play station and card games which you will definitely like. You can download these games from the android play store and install in your smartphone.



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