Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Translate messages from Hindi to English in android smartphones with ChatON


Most of the brands launched the smartphone with the android based operating system because nowadays everyone wants android whether they know the meaning of android or not. The main reason to buy android based smartphone is that they are very user friendly means easy to operate, user friendly interface, multitasking, processing speed is very fast as compared to simple phone with quad and Octa core processor and last one is that they offer large number of application which you can easily download from the play store without any cost.

Samsung ChatON App

Recently in the last week Samsung has launched the app which can translate your message like MMS and SMS into the English language and also from the English to Hindi languages. The very first version of this app was launched in the last year but they have recently updates the version and provide lots of more features in the new version of this app. Presently they have launched the ChatON v5.2.1 through which you can access the features of translation. This app is currently compatible with android based smartphone or tablets but will be available for the other operating system based smartphone very soon. Android smartphone can download this app from the android play store.

Main Features

In the older version of this app, it is almost similar to the We Chat but I the latest version they have provides several features which makes it different from the previous one. The main features of this app are such as you can translate your Hindi messages into the English languages and also reverse process can be done means messages in English can also be translated into the Hindi. This app is currently available in the 14 different Indian languages.

You can also recall your messages and delete them if you have sent a message to wring person this is one of the best features provide by the ChatON messenger.

With the help of this app you can translate both SMS and MMS into different languages.

The live partner of this app also provides the latest news regarding the sports, astrology, education and entertainment etc.


So it is one of the best translation messenger with easy to send messages and available in the 14 different Indian languages. You can easily download this app from the play store, install in your device and enjoy the features of app.


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  1. One of the findings in a research conducted with ESL educators in USA also showed that educators strangly believed that.‘’The more students are exposed to English Professional translation, the more quickly they will learn; as they hear and use English, they will internalize it and begin to think in English.