Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Download best video chats apps for smartphone/tablets


If you are surfing best video chats app from the internet than you can visit the right place. There are lots of apps and software is already available in the market which you can either download from the play store or can buy and install in your system and access video chats. You must have heard the name of Snap Chat App or Service which is one of the best messaging services. But recently they have updates their apps and updates lots of features like video chats and instant messaging etc. So if you want to do video chat with your friends then you can download and install this service in your system and do video chat with your friends and family.

Snap Chat Service

Snap Chat is one of the best messaging service through which you can chat with your friends. You can also share photos with your friends through this app. The main disadvantages with this service is that whenever you upload photo will be automatically deleted within 10 seconds means receiver has to always be online to view the sent photos, in case the receiver (whom you want to send photos) is offline than he/she can’t see the picture which you have sent. So you have to send the picture again when receiver comes online.

Update Features

But recently they have updates this apps with instant messenger (IM) service means you can instantly chat with your friends through IM. They have also provided the features video chats which make it more alive as compared to its older version. Now you can also do video chat with your friends with the help of Snap Chat Service. Apart from the new features this app also comes with new design look, new icons and buttons. User can also navigates between the apps through the swipes and new design look better as compare to previous one.

Instant Messenger
Video Chats
New icons, button and swipe features etc.


They have updated the snap shat service with IM and video chats features and which will be available very soon. You can easily download this app from the play store and install in your system and enjoy the features of this app. So to enjoy instant messaging and video chats with your friends you can install Snap Chat Messaging Service in your system.



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