Thursday, 1 May 2014

Download new Facebook Messenger 5.0 for Android/IPhone


Recently Facebook has updates the Messenger 5.o with new updates and adds new multimedia features to it. So if you are using the previous version of the messenger then you can updates or download the updated version of the messenger from the play store and enjoy these features and updates. These updates are done for both android and IPhone smartphones.

How to update

You can easily download the new messenger from the Apple app store for the IPod, IPhone and for the android smartphone you can easily download from the Google play store. You can also update your previous version and it will automatically update these new features and updates your old version of messenger.

Facebook Messenger

It is an instant messenger for Facebook users through which you can chat with your friends and also make free voice call to them over the internet. You can also send the images and video to your Facebook friends only. With the messenger you can easily chat with your online friends and also send messages to offline friends. Friends who are also using this messenger and are active or online at the same time then you can also make free voice call to them.


Recently Facebook has updates the Facebook Messenger 5.0 with new updates and multimedia features. Now you can easily share photos, voice messages etc. with your friends.
You can also share and access video clips which was limited to the only photos and vice clips in the previous version of messenger.
They have also ass ‘Selfie’ mode to the new messenger.
Apart from it they have also brings improvements in the searching peoples and group by names.
You can also download the sticker which you have received from your friends by simply pressing and holding it for few seconds.
You can also create and manage groups of the contact within the app.


But these updates and new features will be only available in the android v4.3 and above means no other users with below v4.3 can access these features. Only android v4.3 jelly bean and KitKat OS users can enjoy these new updates and features. So if you have smartphones with android v4.3 and above OS version then you can download new messenger or updates your messenger and enjoy these new features and updates in your Facebook Messenger.



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