Friday, 2 May 2014

Facebook reveals new privacy features and aiding developers


Facebook Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mark Zuckerberg has announced the new privacy features and other features which will secure the privacy of the Facebook users at the F8 conference earlier. They have announced that these new features will be available very soon in the coming few months.

Facebook is the one of the most popular social used across the worldwide through which you can chat with your friends and also share your images, video and other files with your friends. You can also make the voice call overs the Facebook Messenger for android, windows and iOS smartphone.


Recently the Facebook has announced that they will primarily focusing on improving the Facebook User Privacy and aiding developers.

They have reveals anonymous app login features means whenever you want to open some apps than it required login. You can open these apps by login with your Facebook account, so when you login with your Facebook account than your personal information may be lost or seen by the some other person. So with the anonymous app login you can choose this option whenever you want access apps where you need Facebook login. With this no one can see your personal information. But this feature was currently tested by few developers like Flip Board and will be available very soon on the Facebook officially.

They have also announced app login features by improving user privacy. With this features you can hide your personal information like email, date of birth, current location etc. so that no one can see your information whenever you login into the apps. So the new login screen of the Facebook comes with new privacy features. So you can control your personal information and provide permission to other.

Apart from it, they have also revealed the third party apps and will let the app developer control. So these are the main announcement made by the CEO of the Facebook in the F8 conference. And he also said during the conference that company will fix all major bugs within coming few days, but he has not said that when these privacy features will be available officially.


So, in the coming year Facebook will comes with new privacy features which will protect your personal information and you can control your privacy status by anonymous login and app login features.



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