Thursday, 1 May 2014

Mozilla Firefox 29 comes with new UI design and customization features


Mozilla is one of the mostly used browsers after the Google chrome across the world wide. Recently they have launched the new version of Mozilla browser such as Mozilla Firefox 29 with new user interface, sync and customization features. They have updated the previous version, improved features and change the design of old version.

Mozilla Firefox 29 Features

This week Mozilla Firefox browser has updated their old version with about more than 1000 changes. They have updated the browser sync features and they have introduced new cross browser sync features. They have also provided the rounded tab features and also change the user interface to the customizable graphical menu. Apart from it they have also changes so many features of the old version of the browser with advance features. The advance version of Firefox comes with new user interface which provide rounded tab features. With the rounded tab features you can easily navigate between the webs very fast and it looks very sleeker.

In the previous version of the Firefox, you have seen that Firefox Menu is always put on the left top of the screen but in the new version it has been moved to the right side of the screen below the toolbar and you can control your browser from the one place. In the main menu complete setting and control option are placed. You can also change the setting of the browser from the main menu.

In the advance version they have also introduced new features such as customizable which will transform the browser in the customization mode where users can add or mode service s, features and add on. You can also create bookmark with single click option and manage all the bookmarks from single place.

They have also updates advance version of browser with sync features through which you can access bookmarks, browsing history, open tabs, saved passwords and form data across your computer and mobile devices.


It is one of the mostly used browsers after the Internet Explorer and Google Chrome across the world wide. You can easily download this browser from the official website of the Firefox. So it is going to best Firefox browser with advance features like sync, graphical user interface and customizes tool etc. features. So it is better to use Firefox instead of other browser.



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