Thursday, 1 May 2014

Top 10 free apps available for Mac


Mac is one of the most versatile operating system used in the Apple smartphone, laptop, tablets and notebook etc. There are millions of apps are available for the Mac on the play store which you can download and install in your system. You can download these apps either free or you have to paid some charges for the Pro version of the apps. So if you have bought new Mac book than you must have installed these free apps in your system.


It is one of the simple and mostly used free apps, and with the help of this app you can changes the active state of the computer means you can set up the timing of the sleep mode or when to go screen off. When you are watching movies or giving presentation or even you are not using your system than you can set the default time for when to screen off. Like you can set 5, 10 30 minutes, 1, 2, 5 hours or you can set never off the screen.


It is one of the messenger apps through which all social media accounts together available in one place. It supports different social networking services like Facebook, Google, Chat, AIM, MSN and Windows Live etc. with the help of this you can chat with your friends through any of the above mention social accounts. It provides better user interface and security.

Cloud App

It is one of the best sharing apps; through the cloud app you can share your files, documents and other files with your friends wirelessly. It is very simple to operate. Whenever you want to share file with the cloud app then you have to simple drop and drag the file into this apps and it will generate a URL of the file which you can easily share with your friends on social site which they can easily download.

App Cleaner

Most of the time when you uninstall apps from the system then some of the hidden files or folder may be present in your system memory which may decrease the performance of the system. So, you can install App Cleaner in your system which will delete these files and increase the system performance and also increase the memory.

Drop Box

Drop box is place where you can store your images, video and other important files and you can easily access and share these files with your friends whenever you want. You can easily access your files stored in the drop box from any device. It has internal 2 GB space and you can also share link of bigger files so that less space is occupied.

Ever Note

It is one of simple and free app which helps you remember everything around your device. You can also remember important days and other important things by saving in to the ever note. So it is one of the best apps for the students and business peoples.


It is one of the best apps which you can install in your system. With the help of this app you can easily search any documents stored in your system, you have to simply type either name of the files or folder in the search bar and hit the enter key and after few seconds it will automatically search the same files and folder which you want.

Google Chrome

It is one of the mostly used browsers across the world wide, through which you can easily search any information. It comes with lots of advance features.

VLC Media Player

It is one of the best video players for watching movies and you can also enjoy music on this player. You can also change the music system of the songs as well as video and also add other effects.


And finally you have must have installed an anti-virus in your system which will keep your system safe from the virus, Trojans etc.



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