Friday, 20 June 2014

How to Reboot/Reset your Micromax smartphones


When you connected your smartphone with PC or share information with other device through Bluetooth and other apps than most of times lots of unwanted files will also receive which you don’t want and these files occupied the space of your handset’s memory. After few times it will create few problems in your handset such as your smartphone will start hanging, automatically switched ON or OFF etc. so you can also solve these problem by hard resetting your smartphone which will erase all the unnecessary files stores on the system and your smartphone will look like a new handset. You can also erase the data of internal storage. Here in this article we are talking about the step by step procedure for resetting or rebooting any Micromax smartphones.

Point to know before Reboot/Reset

Before rebooting your smartphone create back of your data store on the phone.
You have to save your contacts store in the phone to the SIM.
And if you also want to erase or delete the date of internal memory then you can also copy important data to the external SD card.
Charge your battery above 50% level.


Here the step by step procedure for resetting your handset is described below you can follow to reset your smartphone:

Click on the setting icon and click on the option ‘Back and Reset’ and select the last option Factory Data Reset.
Then in the next page it will ask you that do you want erase internal SD card or not? So if you also want to delete the date of internal SD card than select this option otherwise leave it blank.
Now click on Reset Phone and click on erase everything.
You can also directly reset/reboot by pressing the lock key fore few seconds and after that choose the Reboot option and click on Yes and it will automatically reboot your smartphone.
This process will takes about 4 to 10 minutes and it will delete all your phone data including phone contacts, downloaded apps and all your Google accounts.
Now it will ask you to enter your Gmail ID if you have or your name etc. information and it will be reset and now you can see that your phone will look like a new smartphone which you have bought the first time.
Now you can download and install apps and save your contacts information.

What to do next?

After resetting your smartphone first of all you have to install antivirus in your smartphone which protects your handset from the malware, worms and viruses. It will keep your handset secure. You have to update your antivirus regularly within a week.


So the procedure for resetting any Micromax device is very similar you can follow these simple steps to reset your handset. You can also ask in the comment regarding any problem which will faces during the resetting your smartphone.



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