Thursday, 10 July 2014

How to hide your personal data/files in Laptop and PC


Mostly peoples have store important data and files in the laptop and PC. But when you friends came to you want to see your laptop than you can’t say no to them, and incase if you say I can’t share my PC because in this I have store my important data than most of time you will heard this heard ‘data is more important than us’. So there are different ways to hide your personal data in laptop without doing anything. You have to simply change the system setting and provide some security and also you can hide your data. There are three different ways to hide your data which are discussed briefly below in the article.

First Method

It is very simple and easiest method to hide your data in PC and laptop. The step by step procedure is discussed here:

Firstly you have to change the attribute of the file which you have to hide. You can do this by firstly selecting the file and right click on it and click on the Properties and select the ‘Hidden’ option in front of attribute and press OK.
Select the file >> Right Click >> Properties >> Hidden >> OK.
Now you can select other files in the same way as you have selected the first file and select only those files which you want to hide.
Once you have selected the files which you want to hide. Open the My Computer from the start button and select the option ‘Organizes’ from the top toolbar and click on the ‘Folder and Search option’. Now a new window will be open, select ‘View’ from the top and click on the ‘Don’t show hidden files, folders or drive’ and press OK.
My Computer >> Organizes >> Folders and Search Options >> View >> Don’t Show hidden files >> OK.
And in case if you want to unhide the file; then you can unhide the file by removing ’Unhide’ from the attributes. You have to select the file and right click on it and select the properties option and click on unhide.

Second Method

You can also hide your data and file in folder which is protected with password. You can download folder lock from the internet and place your personal data in that folder and no one can unlock except you. You have to provide password for this folder and don’t share your password with each other. There are lots of folder lock application and software are available on the internet which you can download free of cost and install in your laptop.

Third Method

It is somewhat similar to the first method; here you can also hide the complete hard drive instead of hiding the files and folders. The complete step by step procedure is given below:

Firstly click on the start button on the task bar and right click on the My Computer and select the Manage option. Now you have to select the ‘Disk Management’ and after clicking on it the complete hard drive of your system will be open like Drive C, D, E and F etc.
Now right click on the drive which you want to hide and click on the ‘Change Driver Letter and Paths’ and click on the REMOVE button and press OK.
Now you will see that your drive which you have selected will be hidden or remove from the system.
And in case if you want to add than you have to follow same steps but instead of removing you have to click on ADD button and it will be automatically added to your system.


So these are some of the basic method to hide your data in your laptop and PC. You can use these methods on Windows 7, 8 and XP. You can also ask anything regarding the article if any of the method is not working.



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