Friday, 28 August 2015

Facebook ‘M-App’: Review, Features Description and How to Use It


Most of the people have heard the name of Facebook, which is a popular social networking site across the world wide. Most of the people use Facebook for connecting with their friends, family members either via Text Message or via Video Calling or even you can also now make voice call via Facebook Messenger. Facebook is a social networking site which is maintained by 25 years old Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and Owner of Facebook. It is one of the popular social site through which you can easily chat with your friends via Text, Call or Video.

But now in the coming month, Facebook will launch the ‘M’ application through which you can easily buy different gift and also book online reservation for Hotels and Restaurants. This announcement was made by the Facebook on 27th August and this feature will be available for Facebook users very soon across the world wide.

Facebook ‘M’ App Feature

Nowadays, you use Facebook for chatting with your friends or for surfing other documents from it. But you can also use Facebook for online shopping, online reservation of Hotels, Restaurant and also reserve the seats for Train, Aeroplane and Buses. This announcement was made by Facebook on 27th August and will be launched very soon in the coming few months. This feature will act as like your Digital Assistant means which will get information from you and will do your work.

Main Features Description

Main features of this ‘M’ application are discussed below and you can read from here:

You can easily buy gifts or other things online from Facebook via using this application or features.
You can also reserve online seats for booking restaurants and hotels across the world.
Apart from it, you can also reserve the seat for plane, train as well as buses in your city.

How to Use

When they will launch this application then you have to update your Facebook or install new version of the Facebook.
Then you will see ‘M’ application and click on it and select your option either online shopping or online reservation of Tickets or Hotels etc.



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