Wednesday, 26 August 2015

How to convert a MS Word/Excel/Power Point File in to PDF


Microsoft (MS) is one of the leading brands in the Electronic devices across the world wide. Recently they have bought the famous mobile phone company Nokia. Micro Soft mainly deals with Windows Operating System, Personal Computer and now they are also launching the Micro Soft smartphone which runs on the window operating system such as Lumia series. Apart from it, they have also launched the Micro Soft Office which is a complete set of MS Word, MS Excel, MS Outlook, MS Access, MS Power Point, and MS Note etc. These are basically used for storage of the data, information and other materials whatever you want to save like file, image, video etc.

Need of PDF file in MS Office

Here we will discuss why we need to convert any MS Office file (which saved in it) in to PDF (Pen Drive File). Basically when we save the file or any document in the MS Office and we want to open that same file in another PC then the format of the file will be changed. So whatever you have saved in your PC/Laptop will totally changes and you have to correct it again which is complete time waste. So whenever you save your file in the MS Office and you want to transfer that file print out that file/document than it is better to convert the same file into the PDF format before printing or transferring the file. After converting the PDF file its format will not be changes and it will remain same. But in PDF you can’t edit after saving the file, for that you have to again convert your PDF file into the word format.

How to Convert in to PDF

It is very easy to convert any MS Office file in to PDF, you have to simply follow these 3 simple steps and you can convert any MS file into PDF file:

Step 1
After writing all the data in the document or file you have to save the file by pressing ‘CTRL + S’ key and click on the ‘Save as Type’ as shown in the circle below.

Step 2
Now select the PDF from the list display below and press ‘Save’ shown below on the screen.

Step 3
Now your file will be converted into PDF and it will be open in the PDF and looks like as shown below in the image.


So these are the simple steps to convert the file into PDF. If you face any problem regarding converting your file into PDF you can ask anything below in the article.



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