Tuesday, 1 September 2015

How to take direct screenshot in Windows XP/Vista/7/8.1 Black OS in Laptop/PC


In Android or iOS based operating system you can easily take screen shot by just pressing few keys in your handset. In android devices you have to press simultaneously volume increase, decrease and lock key simultaneously to take screen shot while in some android smartphone like in Samsung Galaxy handset you have to press volume Up, Down and Home button simultaneously to take screen shot. So, instead of smartphones you can also easily take screen shot in Laptop or PC with Windows operating system. In Laptop/PC you can take screenshot with two methods, both method of screenshot are discussed with step by step separately.

Screen Shot

Even sometimes most of peoples doesn’t know the meaning of screen shot, so screen shot may be define as capturing the complete screen data, images or videos without any external device. Means if you are using Whatsapp or Facebook and you want to save image than instead of downloading it you can also take screen shot of that image which will be stored in your gallery and you can check from there.

Way to take Screen Shot in Laptop/PC

There are basically two method to capture the image in windows based OS in Laptop or PC.

Method-1: By “PrintScr” Key

The first method to take screenshot in PC is by using PrintScr key which is discuss below:
Step 1
If you want to take capture any image, data or part of videos which are displaying on the PC screen then you have to press ‘PrintScr’ key on the keyboard.

Step 2
Now open the ‘Paint’ and here you have to press simply ‘CTRL+V’ simultaneously or click paste option by pressing right button.

Step 3
Now the image you want to download will be open here and save it by pressing ‘CTRL+S’ key on board.

Method-2: By “Snipping Tool”

You can also capture image in Laptop/PC by using Snipping Tool.

Step 1
Firstly if you want to take screen shot or want to capture some part of the screen then you have to click ‘START’ icon on task bar and there you have to search Snipping Tool and click on it.

Step 2
After that you have to select Free Form Snip, Rectangular Snip, Window Snip or Full Screen Snip by pressing ‘New Option’.

Step 3
Now you have selected the region which you want to capture and save it.



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