Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Nokia’s comeback in Smartphone World with C1 smartphone based on Android OS in 2016


Few months ago, Nokia’s generally popular for the smartphone especially Lumia and Keypad based mobile phone was bought by the Microsoft. Now all the smartphone launched by Microsoft comes with windows operating system. But it is rumour all around the technical world that Nokia is re-entering the Smartphone World by launching new smartphone in the market next year. Yet, this is not officially announced by the Nokia that they will go to come back but most of tech experts are saying that they will definitely return to smartphone’s era. But company’s CEO also said that we should in fact expect to see some Nokia’s handset in the market next year but which one they will launch next year this is still mystery. So we have to wait till next year or even company will announce any information regarding the handset before the next year.

Nokia with Android OS

You have seen that most of smartphone launched by the Nokia’s last year comes with Window’s operating system or Symbian operating system generally. They have launched only few smartphone with Android OS in the market. But now they will go to return with android operating system in the market. They might be launch CI smartphone with android operating system in the market next year. So if they will launch this handset with android OS then they have to give best quality and features because there are so many other smartphone under RS 10K in India which will offer same features which other manufactures are providing it in more cost like MMX, Gionee, Xolo and Oppo handsets are nowadays very popular. So if Nokia have to re-exist in the market than they must have to launch handset with affordable price.

Nokia C1 Smartphone

Yet the company has not declared any information regarding the handset but tech experts are expecting that new Nokia’s handset will comes with 5 inches IPS LCD display screen with full HD resolution, Quad Core processor, 2GB of RAM and dual camera. So let’s see what Nokia will provide in new smartphone and whether user will like it or not?



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