Sunday, 6 September 2015

Top 5 Blockbuster games for PC/Laptops in September 2015: [Free Download]


If you are games lover and spend most of the times in play station but now want to play these games in PC or Laptop, so don’t worry here we are talking about five blockbuster games for PC/Laptop which you can easily download from internet, install it and enjoy these games. These games are related to car racing, football league and hunt of witch.

Top 5 PC/Laptop Games


This is one of the most popular games for PC in September month which you can easily download free of cost from internet and install this game in your system. In this you have to hunt various characters in wild which may be killed you. This game comes with HD graphics and Dynamic Weather effects. There are lots of levels which you have to cross and after completion of every level you will get some extra power.


GTA series games are one of most popular racing games in PC world. GTA V was launched in 2013 but it also very popular nowadays in Play Stations. So if you are race lovers and want to ran with 200+ speed then you have play this game once a time in life. In this game there are so many tasks which you have to complete such as like complete all challenges, you can use your car as taxi and earn money from the people by reaching them on their location. Apart from it there are so many interesting challenges which you’ll definitely like. You can easily download from internet or you can also buy DVD of same game either from online or from nearest distributor.

Elite Dangerous

If you love to move in Sky or under water then hope you’ll definitely like this game. In this you can choose different mode such as you can select Sky, Water and Land options on which you want to fight with your enemies. This game is very much based on Hollywood movie “Pirates of Caribbean” in which peoples attack on ships.

Rocket League

This game is very much similar to football game but here you have to hit football while you are driving car. You can play this game in various modes and also select different playground for it. You can unlock New Card, Paint Type, Wheels and other parts of cars by earning points in match. It is interesting games for the soccer lover in new style.

Project Cars

This is also another car racing game but it is different from GTA V game, in this you have to complete challenge in 30 different places with 60 different cars on 110 circuits. You can also play this game as Solo Race, carrier & Drive Network and Online Mode.


So these are most popular games for September 2015 for PC/Laptop which you can install and enjoy these games. I hope these games will definitely entertainment you and you’ll like most of the games and in our next article we will update few more popular games till that keep updated with us.



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