Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Top 5 Most Popular Android/iOS Apps for Smartphone/IPhone in Aug/Sept 2015


Nowadays smartphones or IPhone becomes very popular across the world due to large number of application stored in the play store which you can easily download either free of cost or you have to give some amount of money. Here we will discuss most popular apps for the android and IPhone, which you can also download from the store.

Top 5 Popular Apps


this app is basically used for uploading images or video on the social sites. Recently they have launched Instagram 7.5 version in which you can upload images or videos in landscape or portrait mode and you can upload it in the original orientation. This app is available for both Android as well as iOS smartphone and can download free of cost from play store.


‘Swype’ app is basically used for downloading themes means it is a store in which lots of themes in HD and High Quality resolution are already present and you can download from it. You have to buy this app if you want to install in your android smartphone. Recently they have updates this app to v2.0 in which you can also purchase additional themes. Updates version comes with improved auto correct, bug fixes and they also have added two new languages to it. This app is only available for the Android based smartphone.

Lara Craft Go

‘Lara Craft Go’ basically a popular Action, Adventures and Puzzle game which you can download from the play store and install in your handset and it is available for android, iOS and windows based OS handsets. In this games there are lots of different levels in which interesting challenge are present which you have to clear and comes in High Quality resolution, you’ll definitely love this game. It is very much similar to the ‘Hitman Go’ game. If you want to install this game in your smartphone then you have to purchase it from the play store.


‘Whatsapp’ is now becoming one of the most popular social site through which you can chat and call with your friends across the world. You can also share images, videos and other important data through this app. Recently they updated this app which is now available on android play store and you can also update your old version of this app. If you have buy new smartphone then you can easily download from play store and it is free of cost. It is available for android, windows as well as iOS handset.

Doodle Jump DC Super Heroes

It is also popular game in which lots of episodes are present which you have to clear. In these episodes you have fight with different characters which are available in the games. Recently it is available for android as well as iOS smartphone and no charges for installation of this app.


So these are some of the popular apps for android, iOS and windows smartphones which you can easily download from the play store, install in your handset and enjoy the features of these applications.



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