Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Best Games over all Gaming Platforms


Gaming Consoles like PS, Xbox, Nitendo etc are slowly and slowly covering the gaming/non-gaming market like anything. Gone are the days of traditional gaming devices. Ever since the first launch of Sony PlayStation, everything has changed in gaming world. Now we are about to step into the world of virtual reality gaming where everything will be structured into 3D dots and will impart completed different experience than ever. Here we will discuss about some of the best games that you can play on any of the gaming console and can enjoy to utmost (we are going to mention top notch games, so please read it carefully).

The Elders Scroll Online (ESO)

Talking about Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) games; ESO is the first name that strikes mind. A game that was in development/testing phase for 7 continuous years, we can definitely expect good returns (in terms of game quality and end user experience) from such product. Till now ESO has delivered all good things at this end.
The Elders Scroll Online

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GTA is my all-time favorite game. It allows gamers to practice the things that they will never do in real life (please don’t practice them in real life ever :P limit them to gameplay only). I love the entire concept on which GTA is framed which can be further enhanced by using proper cheats. Please don’t use cheats for everything out there. Use the one that will allow you to experience complete different things like flying helicopters, playing in ninja mode etc. Such cheats are awesome of will escalate your gaming experience to next level for sure.

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All time favorite game of all football lovers. Wear your jersey, put on your soccer shoes and boom, you are all set to play world’s best soccer game ever. FIFA will allow you to have moves like real player and if you can manage the gameplay properly, you may then get feeling of a real FIFA match then.

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I am really excited to play these 3 games in the world of VR. Just waiting for the developers (both gaming consoles as well as respective game’s developers) to launch VR and make compatible games according to them.

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