Sunday, 21 August 2016

How To: Online Birth Registration in India


In the fast forward world like today, everyone needs better services that are integrated with online platforms. Fortunately Indian Government is up to the course and is trying their best to cope up with the challenges to import everything online. Recently government has launched Digital India Mission which aims at building digital infrastructure throughout the country. Main motive of Digital India program is to build right set of infrastructure which can help Indian citizens to learn new (at least basic level) digital technologies with ease. At least one from each Indian family should be able to use digital services by the end of this digital mission. Here we will be talking about Online Birth Certificate which is usually an offline process. Government is trying to import all birth card related services to cloud platforms. Although we can’t see any major growth in respective area ads of now but hopefully things will start improving within few months from now.
Sample Birth Certificate

Online Birth Certificate Registration in India

As I said above, it is a dream scheme which is not materialized yet. Things are in progress and very soon we must be able to see its impact. As of now you will have to visit nearby birth registration centers for enrolling birth details at government registers. Once this scheme will be launched officially, people will be able to submit birth records online. They will be able to upload required documents, verification, proofs etc online to cloud storage systems. Talking about current scenario then you can get your child’s birth registered at respective municipal corporation office (in urban areas) and in Gram Panchayat Office (GPO) in rural areas. You will need supporting documents like marriage certificate of parents, birth registry in hospital registers (in case the delivery is done at hospitals), ID proofs etc. Kindly note that it is suggested to apply within 21 days of the birth to avoid any sort of unwanted hassle and trouble. In case you are late then you will have to pay late fee along with written permissions from government officials. Birth certificate is currently issued with 7 working days of the registration.

What will be online birth certificate registration process be like?

It will be similar to any other process of similar niche. Visit the website, download application for (or fill in the online form itself), upload supported documents (scanned one), pay the registration fee and that’s it. You have successfully registered your child’s birth at government repository. Kindly stay tuned for latest updated/work about online birth registration in India.



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