Sunday, 5 February 2017

Get Marriage Certificate Online in India


With the advent of Digital India in country, most of the essential services are getting migrated to online platforms. Check out some of the improvements made in birth certificate and ration card industry. In the due course of this article, we will try to discuss something similar about marriage registration in country. Although each process is currently in very initial stage and the journey has just started yet. It will take few more years to cover digital services related to marriage registration across the entire country.

Do check out basic things that you need to know about marriage registration in India.

Why marriage registration is required in India

Marriage certificate is required in various cases. It becomes the essential proof that shows relation between couple. It can be shown at all places wherever relation between the couple is required to be proved. It is the proof that your marriage has been solemnized with your partner.

Marriage Registration in India
Marriage Registration in India
Documents and other artifacts required for marriage registration in India

As far as the documents are concerned then make sure to visit registration office with below documents:
  • Age proof (can be birth certificate or matriculation marks sheet)
  • residential proof
  • 2-3 witnesses
  • Wedding photograph (of the couple) and invitation card copy
  • Passport size photographs of the couple
Once you have above mentioned artifacts, you can proceed with the marriage registration part.

How to register marriage online in India

Online marriage registration in India is sill a hoax and it seems like it will take another few years for realizing this dream. However you can anytime visit your nearby marriage registration center to get your marriage registered. Do check out this reference: It will help you with all figures/facts required for successful marriage registration in the country.

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